DC Mentors Point of View

DC Mentors Point of View

Success is simple. Work on the right things.

This core philosophy allows DCMentors’ chiropractic coaching and consulting services to help chiropractors just like you work less while achieving more.

Your Chiropractic practice is so ready for this. Chiropractic coaching that gets results in the real world, not just in your professional goals, but on a personal level as well. Our specially trained chiropractor coaches see your practice as a business with a mission, and you as an entrepreneur with a purpose.

Understanding the ‘Business of Chiropractic’

DCMentors Point of View is a clear, uncluttered way to think about your practice and your life, based on the real-world experience of our successful chiropractic coaches. Imagine your office filled with patients who want to be there. Imagine living life on your terms. Do you want to spend the rest of your life justifying your beliefs or do you want to be successful? Doctors are wasting too much time debating about what services a chiropractor should provide. Meanwhile patients are voting with their feet and, unfortunately, that means they are going elsewhere.

The truth is we have not made any significant gains in the percentage of people using chiropractic care for decades. This is not good news for patients or doctors. One reason for this is that we are self absorbed with our profession’s identity crisis. So much so that we neglect to listen and respond to the people who need and want our solutions. But your personal chiropractor coach will help you readjust your focus and tap into people’s unmet needs.

It really doesn’t matter what we say we are, it’s what our patients say about us that matters. They are the ones who build our practices by word of mouth. That’s why our chiropractic coaching services will teach you how to truly listen to them and provide services they want. Solutions they are willing and able to pay for.

We need to stop competing in a copycat economy. The health care market is flooded with health professionals advertising similar services. Pick up an ad outside of this profession and you quickly realize we are not alone in the wellness trend. Who cares who was first? What matters is who is going to thrive and who will be feeding on leftovers. With a DC Mentors chiropractic coach by your side, you’ll have the support you need to create a thriving business regardless the state of the economy.


Stick With What You Know

The philosophy of Chiropractic is remarkably elegant, logical and revolutionary. While other professions are concerned with changing man’s environment to suit a weakened body, Chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit its environment.

Chiropractic is a viable system for health restoration and preservation. We contribute unique and vital perspectives about the underlying cause of disease. We offer advice on strategies for well being and enhanced performance. Our role in the world is to apply this Philosophy, Science and Art with clarity, focus and commitment to those who wish to use it.

Our chiropractic coaches help fellow practitioners see that we are THE experts in Spinal Health Care, not spinal disease experts. We own this expertise, even the public gives us that. Sure most of the time they see us for back, neck and headache problems but they SEE us. Of course, there is a bigger picture. Spinal health is the foundation for well-being.

It doesn’t matter what we say we do, it’s what they say that matters to them. Do you want to spend the rest of your career changing their mind or would you rather be successful? You can’t have both. If you solve their problems, inspire possibilities and function as a gatekeeper for other strategies, you will have a practice worth talking about. With a Chiropractor coaching you success is a natural adjustment.


By the Numbers

Drawing on over 25 years of experience both as chiropractors and mentors we have exposed the following realities about chiropractors:

  1. Numbers don’t lie, doctors do. Statistics reveal the struggle.
  2. Most Chiropractors live a quasi existence, struggling somewhere between Chiropractic Survival and Chiropractic Middle-Class, never reaching the pinnacle of success, Chiropractic Prosperity. Our chiropractic coaching and consulting strategies can help you achieve this standard of living.
  3. Most run their offices on personal energy alone. The result is a roller coaster experience where the numbers go up and down and then to a screeching halt.
  4. Too many doctors have a patchwork of systems and procedures that are dated and contradict each other, rather than the smoothly running operation a chiropractic coach could help them create.
  5. Most Chiropractors worry about their practices when they are out of the office. They suffer Stat OCD (Statistic Obsession Compulsive Disorder).
  6. Some practitioners even think that great clinical results and being nice will build a practice.
  7. Deep down many Chiropractors want to believe that political action coalitions or some ill funded national ad campaign will convince the public to come to their office.
  8. Too many Chiropractors insist that patients come for the right reason which, of course, is the practitioner’s personal agenda.
  9. Most fail to learn the number one skill that they will need to be successful, chiropractic patient communication. So they choose the path of least resistance and rely on videos, plasma screen crawlers and brochures to ‘educate’ their patients.
  10. Most Chiropractors have no reliable hiring system for recruiting, training and developing their staff, because they have not had the proper chiropractic coaching. They end up keeping poor performers who make life miserable for the doctor and patients alike.
  11. Most Chiropractors are hostages in their own practice. They abdicate important managerial tasks to a staff member and then become dependent on a personality rather than a reproducible system.
  12. Most practitioners are out of touch with the real world. They do not understand the emotional needs of their target market and rely on trade magazines and journals to tell them what their patients want.
  13. Many Chiropractors have dated robotic scripts and are trying to sell a hundred and twelve year old story that nobody really cares about or relates too.
  14. Most never consider that there is finiteness to their energy and, therefore, their capacity for peak earning years. They waste a lot of time in their business getting ready to get ready.

Are You Willing and Able

Our chiropractor coaches are experts in their field, but they won’t pretend to have all the answers. We cannot tell you what is right or what is wrong for you. We are Chiropractic Mentors and business advisors. Through our proven chiropractor coaching strategies we can boldly show you what works and alert you to the things that don’t work.

You can have it all if you are willing to train, act and stay committed to the winning tactics you’ll learn from a DCMentors chiropractic coach. Chiropractic Prosperity isn’t a concept, it’s a reality for your coaches and we want you to have it. Are you in it to win it? Contact us to tap into the power of the chiropractic coaching and consulting services we’ve used to make people more successful than ever before.