Chiropractic Coaching

Our coaching program offers you personalized guidance so you can get help with your business when you need it.

Too many doctors work hard yet never achieve the level of success they had hoped for because of the way they THINK about the BUSINESS of chiropractic.

Our E-Myth expertise and the real world results that our clients are experiencing clearly define our proven approach. Both of these programs will give you the tools and processes that you need to build a TURNKEY patient-centric business.

This coaching program shows you how to give patients the care they need, while giving your family the financial security they deserve. With DC Mentors’ assistance, we will help you reach your goals and full potential.

When every day in practice is a grind and you are always caught in the whirlwind, it is exhausting to care for your patients, lead your staff, give your family and friends the attention and care they need and deserve, and simultaneously try to work in self-care. It’s a formula for burnout.
We’ll show you how to work less, make more and enjoy it all.

The most common mistake chiropractors make when it comes to “growing their practices” is they forget the real reason they got into practice in the first place – helping patients! The second biggest mistake is they stop seeing the person in the patient. Patients are people. Putting patient care and service first is a critical first step in growing your chiropractic practice. Authentically delivering the highest quality of patient care and service is the key to creating a practice that provides both you and your family with the financial security you need and deserve.

Chiropractic practice can be stressful when it becomes more than “just taking care of patients.” You did not go to chiropractic college to become an expert in team building, marketing, advertising, sales, closing, etc. You went to a chiropractic college to be a chiropractor. Running the business side of practice can weigh down a chiropractor’s ability to focus on patient care.

There is hope and there is a tried and true, systematic solution. Discover how to turn your practice into a business, not a job, and create the practice and lifestyle you always dreamed you would have when you were in Chiropractic College. You started with a big dream and DC Mentors can help you reach it.

“I loved chiropractic for enabling people to see their own potential. I didn’t love being exhausted all the time Coaching with DC Mentors has been one of the most life changing and practice changing decisions I have ever made. In a time when many chiropractors are struggling to find their way, DCM has helped me quadruple my practice volume.”
Sean Orr

“My practice was hovering in a window that made mediocrity look attractive. Now we are collecting more money, with more new patients, better trained staff, having more fun and in fewer hours per week. The changes are phenomenal in all aspects of my life from business to friends to family all of it is better than it was before DC Mentors.”
Jeremy Boethin

“I called DC MENTORS. I turned my ‘hobby’ into the practice that I could only imagine having. I am now seeing the same number of patients in half a day I had in a full week.”
Rebecca VonBergen

“A year into our own practice and just felt lost. We were crazy passionate about what we did, but the business simply was not meeting our needs so that we could take care of the people we wanted to help. Now we cannot remember the last time we had to stay up worrying about making overhead for the month. We even opened up a second practice, and are having a blast with our lives. If you are ready to do better, you’re not going to find a group of better people to guide you.”
Cuong Huynh

“This has resulted in hiring amazing staff, quadrupling my numbers within the first year, seeing patients on the day they call, providing excellent, patient-centered care, much more time off with my family, more energy, awe-inspiring personal growth.”
Amy Tremblay

Find out how to turn your practice around and make the next 18 months the best 18 months you, your patients, your family and your staff has had in years!
You will look back over your life and see this time as simply “a speed bump” or “a turning point”. 

“DC Mentors has changed my life. When I joined DC Mentors, I had been in practice almost 30 years and was burned out. I wish I had known about how to make practice fun and not a job years ago.”
Marla Welch

“Prior to starting with DC Mentors I saw the health care arena changing. My business model was very insurance dependent and time dependent. I could see insurance plans changing, patient attitudes changing, and my bottom line was also beginning to change. I could see all the change around me and knew I needed to change under my own volition or I would be forced to make decisions under duress. I also wanted to develop a model that would thrive no matter what the economic and health care climate would bring and DCM had their finger on the pulse of the model that was sustainable.”
Nathan Unruh

Using minimal confrontation and low stress marketing techniques, chiropractors can focus on effective leadership and working an average of 20 to 24 hours weekly.

“We had developed a practice, which on the outside looked successful, but with it came a great deal of stress. We were spending thousands of dollars on marketing, spinal screenings, mailings. Today, we can honestly say we have our dream practice. We no longer spend money on marketing or spinal screenings, yet we continue to have a steady stream of new patients, returning patients and current patients. We no longer feel pressured to “sell” chiropractic and we can focus more on what really matters…. our patients.”
Dr. Danella Whittaker

DC Mentors Chiropractic Coaching is a one-on-one mentoring and coaching process and program. As a full immersion program, coaching clients have unlimited contact with expert mentors, as well as access to live webinars. Chiropractors also receive access to all of the DC Mentors’ online training programs, as well as private members’ forums.

The three most recent innovations to our exclusive program are setting a new standard for staff training. The Job Match System for hiring staff, the Onboarding Program for new hires and the Technician Reward Incentive Program (TIRP) that promises to keep staff motivated, focuses on the patients’ service experiences and adequately compensates employees for their efforts. (Link the highlighted text to the corresponding text below)

Unlimited personal, one to one access to Mentors

Why do you need to develop a healthy mentoring relationship? Because on average you will have 80 substantive experiences this year and the next and the next. A substantive experience is one in which you have the opportunity to learn something vital to your success in life. Research strongly suggests that on our own we do not learn from our mistakes and only rarely from our successes.

Personal Business Needs Analysis Report

“What does your practice need you to do in order to transform it into a mature, successful business?” Most chiropractors think that their product is the chiropractic service they provide. The truth is your business is your product. What is your business saying about you? After gathering key statistical metrics, we will provide you with a detailed analysis that will serve as a platform for your personal business development process.

Office Design and Flow Evaluation

Whether you are starting from scratch or improving your existing space, the office design and flow evaluation examines your office layout, the efficiency and effectiveness of patient flow, appropriate space and room utilization, and assesses the potential growth capacity of your current space. We also offer design and décor suggestions along with logo and brand development.

Live Webinars

Join us for live POD (Peer Oriented Discussion) webinars led by your mentors based on DC Mentors Business Development Curriculum. Foundation, Leadership & Vision, and Management Modules including downloadable reading material, ThinkSheets.

Statistical Management Monitoring by Mentors

The Statistical Management System provides a meaningful statistical dialect that will add clarity and structure to every coaching interaction. As part of your Leadership and Vision development we intend to share our experience and knowledge with you, a Mentors View, so that you can begin to learn and appreciate the process of statistical interpretation, strategy and practice forecasting.

Staff Onboarding

Onboarding is a system that gives new employees the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective organizational members and team players. The tools used in this process include meetings, lectures, videos, printed materials and computer-based orientations, which introduce newcomers to their new jobs and organizations. Research has demonstrated that these socialization techniques lead to higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater commitment, reduction in stress and fewer turnover rates.

Chiropractic Assistant/Tech Improvement Rewards Program

This two-year program is based on the premise that “nothing gets better until you get better.” When a tech invests time in their self-improvement they become better people, better employees and better at delivering positive customer service. Consequently, they make your business better.

The program is simple. The chiropractic assistant/tech completes the assigned monthly reading and/or viewing, completes a ThinkSheet™ and you meet with her/him to discuss the topic and their findings. Upon the successful completion of his/her monthly assignments, at the end of the first 12 months and again at 24 months, the technician receives a raise.

Job Matching Assessments System

Non-performing team members effect your bottom-line by as much as 30% a year. That is enough to make or break a chiropractic practice. You would think with the high rate of unemployment that it would be easy to find good, hard working employees. It’s not so. Did you know that one-third of all today’s applicants apply for more than 50 jobs? And to make matters worse, desperate and unqualified job seekers apply for almost anything.

DC Mentors “Job Matching System” helps you make better choices and eliminates the guesswork surrounding hiring and training. Stop putting out fires and get back to taking care of patients.

Private Online Forum

No one is successful in a vacuum and that’s the why created the FORUM. The FORUM is a protected social Internet platform that will enrich and accelerate your learning. This peer driven community gives you the opportunity to express yourself, build relationships with other clients, and openly share insights and even a frustration or two in a safe non-judgmental environment.

About Us

DC Mentors was birthed to illuminate the path of leaders who are driven to have their life make the statement, “My life stood for something.”

When we originally set out to redevelop our strategy for practice management, our quest for guidance left us bewildered by the dated material and hard sale rhetoric. We were unable and unwilling to blindly follow a self proclaimed guru or chiropractor management programs that are nothing more than new age brain washing. Deep down we sensed that we were not alone in our frustration.