A Message from Cathy Sovinsky

It is with great excitement that I announce
DC Mentors has merged with SIDECAR


That was Dr. Frank’s greatest passion, to help chiropractors reclaim their chiropractic dream.  He understood that chiropractors just want to adjust spines, change lives and forget the rest.
You went to Chiropractic College to be a Chiropractor.  He totally empathized that having to run the business side of practice can weigh down a chiropractor’s ability to focus on patient care.

 He wrote:
“I told myself that a caring doctor should not get bogged down by the details of managing, marketing and money. I just wanted to do what I wanted to do and never considered that my practice had needs to.

“When every day in practice is a grind and you are always caught in the whirlwind, it is exhausting to care for your patients, lead your staff, give your family and friends the attention and care they need and deserve, and simultaneously try to work on self-care. It’s a formula for burnout.”


We’re Writing a New Chapter

Frank CathyFrank and I created DC Mentors to help you discover how to turn your practice into a business, not a job, and create the practice and lifestyle you always dreamed you would have when you were in Chiropractic College.

He co-authored “The E-Myth Chiropractor” to show you how to shed the stress of a practice driven by personal energy and transform it into a purpose-driven business that is sustained by interlocking systems and positioned for steady growth. 

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d like you to have the first two chapters as my gift.
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A lesser known fact, Dr. Frank partnered with the 2 senior coaches of DC Mentors, Dr. Douglas Sea and Dr. Cecile Thackeray, and Dr. Nathan Unruh to form a business called SIDECAR.  SIDECAR is a managed service organization. It’s what Dr. Sovinsky envisioned would help liberate chiropractors to focus on the side of practice they love – Patient Care!  The company was in its infancy stage when Frank died.

frank rockstar

Whether you saw Dr. Frank speak, heard his podcasts and webinars, read his books or were coached by him, you felt his passion.  He was an incredibly creative man who left behind an abundant archive of material.   It is my intent to keep The E-Myth Chiropractor alive and continue the legacy that he so deserves.  More importantly, the profession deserves it.

So it is with great excitement that I announce that DC Mentors has merged with SIDECAR



Both companies were spawned from a similar vision and mission, it’s only natural for us to collaborate our efforts.  The combined companies will conduct business together under the name SIDECAR.  The faces will remain the same, you’ll be dealing with the same cast of characters. 

SIDECAR is a robust managed service organization that now has significantly more tools and resources for our clients to utilize to help mange and transform their practices into businesses, as taught in The E-Myth Chiropractor.  Now armed with all of DC Mentors’ curriculum their services range from self taught learning using the Business Tool Kit (a library full of resources including hiring, training and incentivizing staff, marketing and management) to unlimited one to one coaching to a complete billing team with a comprehensive IT department.  It is our goal to continue delivering innovative content to chiropractors.

I, along with Dr. Douglas Sea, Dr. Cecile Thackeray and Dr. Nathan Unruh, would like to invite you to visit SidecarEdge.com  or phone 877-727-2705 to discover more about how SIDECAR can help you RECLAIM YOUR CHIROPRACTIC DREAM and liberate your practice. 

Thank you for all of your support throughout the years.  I look forward to continued growth and fun with you moving forward.  I appreciate you.

With tons of gratitude,

Cathy Sovinsky